2015 85D Tesla Model S


Not for sale anymore

We purchased it in Nevada and then shipped it to Puerto Rico in 2016. It’s a beautiful car and it drives great.

  • $99,470 Original price before taxes and fees
  • $72,000 Kelly Blue Book current value
  • 85 kWh Battery
  • Dual Motor All Wheel Drive
  • Blue Metalic Paint
  • 19” Wheels
  • All Glass Panoramic Roof
  • Tan Leather Seats
  • Glossy Obeche Wood DeĢcor
  • Black Alcantara Headliner
  • Supercharger Enabled Included
  • Tech Package with Autopilot (yes this works in Puerto Rico)
  • Smart Air Suspension
  • Puerto Rico license and title

Model S 85D Exterior

Model S 85D Interior

Model S 85D Front

Model S 85D Frunk


Here are some common questions I get regarding having a Tesla in Puerto Rico.

  • How do you get your Tesla serviced?

Tesla has a Ranger Service which comes to Puerto Rico on a monthly basis. This service is run out of the Florida Tesla service center. Cars are serviced in Hato Rey. You coordinate with Tesla over email. There is a fee for this service. I’ve had the car serviced several times and the average Ranger Fee was $500.

  • Where do you charge?

I’ve lived at Quantum Metrocenter and Condado Tower. In both places I had an outlet installed. At Quantum it was a 110v outlet and it charged at about 4 MPH. At Condado Tower it’s a 220V outlet and charges at about 25 MPH. In both cases a meter was installed and I pay the condo association for the electricity used. In my case I average about $75 per month in electric costs but that depends on how much you expect to drive. Installing the outlet cost around $1,200.

Before I had my outlet installed I charged at Autogermana BMW in Hato Rey.
They have a free charger and they are super nice. Many of the Denny’s around the island also have charging stations.

The car comes with an adapter that lets you plug into almost any kind of outlet. I’ve charged at Denny’s, Autogermana BMW, and random 110V outlets when at Airbnb homes we’ve rented. The max range is about 270 miles, which will get you about anywhere on the island, of course if you drive it hard you’ll have a shorter range.

The PlugShare app will help you find places to charge. But generally I just plug it in at home and I have a full battery every morning. It’s rare that I need to drive more than 250 miles in a day!

Plug Share Puerto Rico

  • Where do you get body work done?

We had one fender bender and a few scratches here and there. We get those taken care of at Carros Blindados in Hato Rey. We also have the car detailed there every six months. These guys are great. For the fender bender, we had to have the Tesla Ranger adjust the self driving radar. Luckily our insurance took care of that as well.

  • How much is insurance?

We pay $1,632 per year with Mapfre Puerto Rico.

  • Why are you selling it?

We love Teslas. I have a 2008 Signature 100 Roadster and we bought the Signature 1000 Model S, which is still in the family. After moving to Condado we only have one parking space. We realized that we don’t drive much and that we want a beater car so we can toss in our kite gear or mountain biking gear without feeling bad about messing up such a nice car. If you have an old Jeep or SUV for trade, I would consider making that part of the deal.

What’s it worth?

We shipped the car from Nevada to Puerto Rico in 2016. The import taxes on cars in Puerto Rico is crazy high. However for electric cars the import taxes were waived. It’s possible that this waiver is still in place, however I’ve already gone through all that so you can get the benefit of it by buying a Tesla at a low price. Sure, you could buy a Tesla stateside and ship it in and you might still be able to avoid the import tax, but those are a lot of ifs and a lot of work. An easier solution is to just buy my car and you get the benefit of a lower price since I didn’t have to pay any import taxes to bring it here!

How do I contact you?

Just drop me an email.

Here’s the Kelly Blue Book

Kelly Blue Book