Crypto Rico

Puerto Rico a Cryptocurrency Haven?

Puerto Rico is a great place to live, especially if you make your living from investments. I was pleasantly surprised to see this NY Times article over the weekend. It’s a great read. I moved to Puerto Rico because I’m a tech entrepreneur and I have this fantasy of creating one more startup with a meaningful exit, and if I do that as a Puerto Rico Act 22 decree holder, then I will pay $0, yes zero dollars in capital gains tax on that exit. [Read More]

Uber in Condado

Uber in Condado is very quick. I rarely wait more than a couple minutes for a driver. This morning I had fun driver named Nelson. He’s from Puerto Rico but lived in Massachusetts for 20 years. He ased how I liked living in Puerto Rico and I said it was great. He asked why I moved to Puerto Rico and I told him it was the tax advantages. He said he had heard about that and he said he was very happy people are moving to Puerto Rico. [Read More]

Moving into a Dual Momentum Portfolio

QuantCon I attended QuantCon last week in NYC to learn about algorithmic trading. In the back of my head my goal was to come up with a way to invest and diversify my portfolio. QuantCon isn’t really about that as much as it is coming up with new algorithms for trading. But it was a good place for me to learn about investment and algorithmic investing. One talk made a big impact on me. [Read More]