Why Puerto Rico

Why Puerto Rico

Quick Backup Advice

yoga instructor mentioned that her hard drive crashed and that it might cost her $2,000 to recover it. I realized that one problem of living on an island is that the salt air is tough on hardware.

Crypto Rico

rto Rico is a great place to live, especially if you make your living from investments. I was pleasantly surprised to see this NY Times article over the weekend. It’s a great read. I moved to

Understanding Icos

t year was a remarkable year for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin exploded onto mainstreet. Wallstreet was generally miffed. The idea of cryptocurrencies I think is a good one, but it’s still early

2015 85D Tesla Model S For Sale

live in Condado and are selling our 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. We purchased it in Nevada and then shipped it to Puerto Rico in 2016. It’s a beautiful car and it drives great. $99,470 Original p

Adam Beguelin

rsquo;m a semi-retired computer scientist, investor, and tech entrepreneur. I moved to Puerto Rico in January of 2016. My goal for this blog is to share my experiences and knowledge. Some of it may

Uber in Condado

r in Condado is very quick. I rarely wait more than a couple minutes for a driver. This morning I had fun driver named Nelson. He’s from Puerto Rico but lived in Massachusetts for 20 years. H

Moving into a Dual Momentum Portfolio

ntCon I attended QuantCon last week in NYC to learn about algorithmic trading. In the back of my head my goal was to come up with a way to invest and diversify my portfolio. QuantCon isn’t re

One Year In

rsquo;ve been living in Puerto Rico for a bit over a year now. Why did we do it and how is it working out? Initally we were interested because of the potential tax savings. If you live off of inves